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Minerva Press

Those of you that have corresponded with me previously or have read about my work will know that my first novel was published by Minerva.

Whilst they had an excellent heritage, their reputation was later tainted by what is often referred to as 'vanity publishing' practices.

Who were Minerva Press

Minerva Press were founded by William Lane in the late 1700's and had offices in Leadenhall Street, London.  From what I have been able to find out William Lane became very wealthy and the business very successful with an impressive market share. 

They also had an impressive library and archive of books in his support of women authors.  Unfortunately these archives no longer remain.

What is evident is that Minerva Press were then recognised for their major contribution to publishing.

If you search the web for "minerva press" especially in conjunction with "william lane" you'll get some idea of how influential and extensive their business was.

Minerva Press

Established in London in 1790 by William Lane, it combined a press with a circulating library, and published mainly women authors for a primarily female readership. It is often identified with Gothic and sentimental excess, and probably equates most closely to the Mills and Boon pulp novels published in the late 20th century. Yet the authors did produce some interesting work, and Minerva certainly provided the means for women to earn their living as authors.

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What happened to Minerva Press?

St. George’s House, 6 St, George’s Way, Leicester LE1 1SH

On June 26th 2002 Minerva Press Ltd ceased trading and at a Creditors Meeting on Tuesday July 23rd at The Holiday Inn in Leicester John Redmond and Colin Vickers both of the Numerica Group, Stoughton House, Hardborough Road, Oadby, Leicestershire LE2 4LP. Telephone 0116 >2728200. Fax 0116 2710597 were appointed as Joint-Liquidators.

Minerva Press went into liquidation in 2002.

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